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QR codes are just part of the full-service solutions and strategies Quad/Graphics offers to optimize the effectiveness of your multichannel campaigns. Our marketing and technology experts can help you use QR codes as elements of a complete campaign so you profitably connect with your customers and prospects anytime, anywhere. We do this by leveraging our unsurpassed print manufacturing capabilities with marketing strategy; creative design, development and execution; analytics; list acquisition; and CRM dBase expertise. It means you have a complete, one-stop source for integrated campaigns. The benefits for you: improved results and reduced internal costs.

It all begins with sitting down with you to share how we’re helping other companies. During our discussion we’ll learn more about your unique marketing challenges. From there, we’ll prepare a no-obligation analysis and customized solution recommendation that will be driven by strategy, ROI goals and communications that reach your intended target with maximum relevance.

As part of our full-service solution, we can generate and print either static QR codes or variable QR codes, which are unique for each recipient.

Static QR Codes

Static QR codes are generated from a generic URL (GURL) and are used in mass advertising campaigns when the same information is presented no matter who scans the QR code. When incorporated into print communications, static QR codes provide a way for you to interact with your customers or subscribers. By scanning a code with a smartphone QR code scanner application, your users can digitally trigger specific responses including:

  • One-click purchases
  • Mobile coupons
  • Product information
  • Streaming video
  • Retail store mapping and directions
  • Sign up for SMS message programs

Variable QR Codes

Variable QR codes involve personalized URLs (PURLs) which are variably printed and are used when contacting an individual. The mobile landing page is unique to that individual. Variable QR codes can be printed on digital presses or using variable ink-jet technology. (120 DPI is the minimum ink-jet requirement, with 240 DPI recommended to improve scanning results.) The associated mobile landing page can include relevant information unique for each recipient, and individual scans and responses can be measured and tracked.