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QR Code Manager, Quad/Graphics’ innovative online portal, gives you a powerful way to create and manage QR codes that can be read by a wide range of smartphones. QR Code Manager lets you generate and track a multichannel QR code campaign from a single Web portal while offering a way to generate and track QR code activity and associated information in a secure environment.

QR Code Manager is a self-service solution that gives you control over QR code creation and management, serves as a one-stop self-service source, and integrates the power of print with your multichannel campaign.

Three Services in One

QR Code Manager rolls three services into one. First of all, it provides an easy-to-use self-service portal which allows our clients to create any number of static QR codes. Simply enter a valid working URL and in seconds a QR code is generated and ready to download to your desktop as a JPG file.

Secondly, QR Code Manager can be used to shorten URLs . A QR code is typically a graphic depiction of a website URL address that can be read and translated by a smartphone to trigger a Web-based communication. The way to have smartphones dependably read a QR code is to have less data as the result of shorter URLs in the code. Quad/Graphics QR Code Manager will automatically provide a simplified QR code based on a shortened URL and will provide the service to redirect these simplified QR codes to the original URL.

Thirdly, QR Code Manager provides multichannel tracking for all activity for QR codes generated from this service. For campaigns deploying multiple QR Codes (i.e., one for direct mail, one for a magazine ad, one for a billboard ad) the reporting function will track and report activity on each individual QR code and will roll up the activity to the master campaign level.

Puts You in Control

QR Code Manager from Quad/Graphics gives you full control of QR codes so you can use the power of print as the centerpiece of your complete multichannel campaigns.